Services & Treatments

Services & Treatments


IMG_4633.jpg - largeAcupuncture involves the insertion of hair thin needles into a variety of points over the body surface. The needles are inserted to various depths ranging from 1mm to 1 inch depending on the local anatomy and are retained for 15-30 minutes depending on the treatment strategy. Due to the fine diameter of the needles, acupuncture is not generally painful.  It may, however, produce a variety of transient sensations including: a dull ache, a feeling of warmth or a subtle electrical sensation.


Acupuncture is based upon the concept of meridians, which are a system of channels  believed to traverse the interior and exterior of the body. The theory is that these channels act as a connective network that allows for the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Therefore, it is believed that by inserting needles at various points along these channels, energy can be released where it is obstructed or induced to where it is deficient. TCM applies this process to a wide variety of medical conditions under the idea that rebalancing energy flow encourages the body’s natural healing abilities.



Herbal Medicine

IMG_4655.jpg - largeChinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient system of combining medicinal substances that has developed over the past 5000 years. During this period, practitioners of TCM have compiled a detailed understanding of the properties and functions of several thousand medicinal substances. In modern practice, however, 150-300 substances derived from plant, animal and mineral sources are commonly used.


A consultation is generally vital when dispensing herbal medicine as it allows the practitioner to ascertain the nature of a condition and differentiate the pattern of disharmony that underlies that condition. A herbal formula can then be developed to address the underlying imbalance, while also treating the presenting symptoms. Formulas generally contain groups of herbs that are traditionally used to treat certain aspects of a pathology.


In our practice, all formulas are made with granulated herbs which are pre-prepared to be pure and concentrated. This provides a therapeutic dose with only two small scoop twice daily. The other benefits of granulated herbs are a mild taste and minimal preparation time.   


Therapeutic Massage

IMG_4529_2.jpg - largeTherapeutic massage encompasses a wide range of techniques that involve applying deep pressure to specific areas of soft tissue in order to release tension and stagnation. Soft tissues including: muscles, tendons and ligaments are responsible for every movement the body makes. In consideration of this coupled with the inherent strain of modern lifestyle, it is not surprising that everybody experiences some degree of tension/pain at times. Therapeutic massage is particularly useful in this respect as it has the scope to give relief from the pain of soft tissue injury as well as the associated tension and stress.


In our practice, therapeutic massage is used as a basis for all our tactile therapies. We believe that this hands on approach allows the practitioner to better locate and treat deep areas of blockage in the body. We also recognise the universally positive effect of massage to generally relax patients and leave them more receptive to consequent techniques such as cupping and acupuncture



IMG_4559.jpg - largeCupping is an extremely old technique which was used throughout the ancient world both in the East and the West. Essentially it involves applying circular glass suction cups to various areas of the body in an attempt to promote local circulation and the release of tension. This process involves a warm suction sensation that is not generally painful and can be applied in two ways. The first involves applying cups to various points along the meridian system to generate circulation and harmonise bodily systems that are unbalanced. The second method involves using cups locally on areas of soft tissue that are tense. With both these methods the suction of the cup aims to cause the soft tissue beneath the skin to expand and relax. This may improve local blood circulation and the release of latent toxicity and stagnation.












IMG_4595.jpg - largeMoxibustion involves the burning of the herb Artemisia and the application of the heat produced to acupuncture points. This is an extremely relaxing process that gently warms, invigorates and tonifies the body without causing any irritation. It can be applied to many conditions that involve feeling cold and or tired and is also applied commonly in winter to boost the immune system.  


Dietary/Exercise advice

It is our belief that the best therapeutic results occur when patients are empowered to help themselves. Therefore, when appropriate, we will discuss diet and exercise with patients to give ideas that will consolidate their treatment while maintaining and improving their general health.




Price List

Long treatment (1hr)

$100 professionals

$90 concession

(This treatment generally includes: deep tissue massage, cupping and acupuncture.)


Short treatment (1/2 hr) 

$60 professionals

$55 concession

(This treatment generally includes: either deep tissue massage and cupping or acupuncture.)


Herbal Medicine

Consultation fee

$30 professionals

$20 concession

 (applies only when herbs are dispensed without a treatment.)


Herbal granules (2 weeks) $70

Herbal pills and patents are also available.